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AmCham Barranquilla contributes and promotes Bilingualism since 2008, as the Social Responsibility program of its affiliates.

We work hand in hand with the District Mayor's Office of Barranquilla and the private sector, seeking to unite strategies to generate the bilingual human talent required in the city and supporting the generation of employment, thus connecting with global dynamics and positioning ourselves internationally.

English for work program

July 28. The executive director of AmCham Barranquilla, Vicky Ibáñez, met with the mayor of Barranquilla Jaime Pumarejo, at the press conference to seal the commitment to generate 1,500 monthly jobs for the BPO sector. The district mayor said that this alliance represents "great news for Barranquilla because the BPO sector in Barranquilla, next to the AmCham, nos está diciendo que tiene un gran potencial de crecimiento, que el nivel de profesionalismo de nuestros jóvenes es de alta calidad y apetecido en el mundo”.

Alliance with the private sector

September 10th. The Mayor's Office of Barranquilla and the Secretary of Economic Development, with the support of the Promigas Foundation, launched the call for applications for the #EnglishForWork, the program that will connect the youth of our city with employment in the BPO sector. From AmCham, as representative of the private sector, we celebrate the involvement of Promigas in this city strategy. With which 600 young people will initially be trained to learn English, seeking to promote this language as a platform to generate more and better jobs.

Program inauguration

November 11th.
The English for Work program officially begins!!
After receiving more than 5,000 applications, we welcomed the first 350 beneficiaries of this first generation of the project. At the official opening, the director of AmCham, Vicky Ibáñez, together with Ricardo Plata, Secretary of Economic Development, Marcela Dávila, director of Fundación Promigas and Christian Mejía, manager of Eurocentres, were present.

At the event, the students received kits to strengthen their 380 hours of bilingual training.

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Thanksgiving Day: Reuniting for a Purpose

November 24th. Reaffirming our commitment to bilingualism in Barranquilla, on Thanksgiving Day we announced AmCham's donation AmCham to train an educational institution in the city in English, a skill that is increasingly necessary for the development of academic, professional and social skills for employability.

We will also add any additional voluntary contributions we are able to receive from our member companies.


Learn English and achieve your dreams in the English for Work program!

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If you are interested in participating in the Employment Hay program of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and AmCham Colombia, please contact us.

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We will continue to demonstrate that with the commitment and effort of AmCham companies, we contribute to the progress of bilingual education in the city.

Join us and bet on a bilingual Barranquilla!

"We achieve more, working together"

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