Do not let your business stop

The B2B Platform offers companies management mechanisms so that they can do business, diversify supply, and exchange best practices nationwide.

Exclusive for AmCham affiliates, It allows access to the national directory, links high-level contacts, and you can send and receive offers or requests according to the business interests of the companies. Entrepreneurs can log in from their computer or any mobile device and manage any business appointments, develop business alliances and expand their network of contacts.

Request the creation of your username and password, With the creation of your business profile, you will be able to create offers, requests and interact with other companies.


- You can publish more than one offer of your product or service. There is no limit.

- You will be able to consult all the current offers of other companies by sector/area and by city.

- Here, according to your interest, you can also contact the offeror by e-mail, and even request a work meeting.


- You can publish more than one product or service request. There is no limit

- You will be able to consult and apply to all the current available demands of other companies by sector/area and by city. Contact the applicant via email, who will accept or decline your application depending on the fulfillment of the defined requirements.

Job Opportunities

- You will be able to consult supply, demand, and investment opportunities with companies from the United States and other nationalities. You will also be able to contact them through the e-mail address you provide on the platform.

- Your offers or demands will also be visible to foreign companies interacting on the platform.

Search Engine

- The platform offers a search engine that will help you identify offers and/or demands through keywords.

- The use of the search engine will help you to obtain results in less time and in a specialized way.

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