Spaces for interaction and participation for members, grouped by areas of interest.

Share experiences, strategic information and get updated on topics relevant to your activities.

Labor and Human Talent

Analysis of the Labor Law and its new implications in the human resources management of companies, with space for consultations and suggestions.

Foreign Trade

Through open forums, topics like bilateral trade issues, information exchange, competitiveness, local ideas, international connections, and investment are addressed.


With specialists guests, key topics on tax legislation and its impact are shared. Topics are chosen according to national government regulations or at the request of the participating companies.


The latest environmental laws are analyzed and the importance of environmental compliance in companies is discussed.

Intellectual Property

Informs and promotes the importance of respect for intellectual property and its application in business.

Security and Risk Management

We promote the best security practices to enhance business efficiency, communication between companies and different organizations of the U.S. Government.

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